Solar Rooftop Solutions

When the sun's rays fall on solar panels installed on the roofs of homes, commercial buildings, or industrial facilities, the individual elements of the module help convert the sunlight into DC power. Most of the devices in our AC supply and thus the modules are connected to an inverter that performs this conversion. When the conversion is complete, the inverter's AC output will be connected to your home's power grid, allowing you to use solar energy.

Solar roof solutions

  • Make the most of your rooftop space and avoid paying your utility bills for the next 20 to 25 years.
  • The solar system can be installed on any type of industrial roof, residential/commercial building, hospital, school, or university building.
  • You can generate your own electricity on-site and take advantage of a sustainable and reliable power supply without significant recurring costs and with minimal maintenance. Businesses can also take advantage of accelerated depreciation, reducing their carbon footprint, and helping to maintain a greener planet for future generations.

Benefits of solar roof systems

  • A sustainable and reliable energy source
  • Long term energy security
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Reducing the ecological footprint
  • Comparison of cost savings due to higher grid power and increased diesel costs


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